Campground Fire Rings

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Tough built fire rings for campgrounds, parks, and your backyard. Built by our small family business in Pennsylvania with high quality steel. Your visitors can enjoy hours of outdoor family fun with our top-quality fire rings. RV Park fire rings come in these four styles: basic fire rings, fire ring with grill, adjustable fire ring, and ADA accessible.

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These high-quality supplies add value and beauty to your RV park.


Steel Fire Rings For RV Parks

Sitting around the fire and enjoying time there is one of the most memorable experiences of camping. This simple and economical fire ring gives your campers a safe way to enjoy their time in your campground. With this fire pit, you will get a quality product at an affordable price that will fire contained and your campground safe.


  • Manufactured from 3/16” steel plate
  • 1” flange on the top for extra strength.
  • 8” high
  • 30” diameter
  • Long Lasting

Fire Ring with Grill for RV Parks

It’s not only sitting around the fire the creates family memories, your campground guests enjoy cooking on the fire. With this BBQ fire ring, the grill props up and out of the way when lighting the fire. To grill tasty food, simply lower the grill. All of this at a great price directly from a small family business in the USA.


  • Manufactured from 3/16” steel plate
  • 1” flange on the top for extra strength.
  • 8” high and 30” diameter
  • A 13×24 inch cooking surface
  • Grill pivots up out of the way when not in use

Adjustable Campground Fire Ring with a Grill

For campers who are avid grillers, they want to be able to adjust the height of the grill for the perfect taste. With the adjustable fire ring and grill, your guests will have the option to raise and lower the cooking grill 8 inches. This fire ring is built in the USA and sold direct to campgrounds at a great price.


  • Manufactured from 3/16” steel plate
  • 1” flange on the top for extra strength.
  • Fire Ring Diameter: 8” high and 30” diameter
  • A 13×24 inch cooking surface
  • Adjustable height grill
  • Grill pivots up out of the way when not in use

Fire Rings that are Handicap Accessible

We know you care about everybody and you want all your campers to enjoy their time in your RV park.  This incredible ADA fire ring gives your handicapted guests the ability to light a fire and easily cook over the fire. because the fire is 7″ higher than ground, people who has a hard time very easily can enjoy their fire.


  • Manufactured from 3/16” steel plate
  • A 13×24 inch cooking surface
  • Fire grate is 9” off the ground
  • Cooking Grill made from 1/2” Rod w/ 1” Support
  • Grill swivels out from the fire ring 180 degrees
  • 10 air vent holes
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Fire Rings and Grills also Good For

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Backyard Grills

Have a backyard? Then you need a fire-ring for it. A fire ring creates a lovely place for many fires, and fires are just what you need for your family or friends to gather around. What better place to sing, talk about all kinds of things, teach your children, or make the perfect s'more. These fire rings are of great quality with an economical price and family made. They also come personalized and would make a great gift!

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Municipality and City Parks

People love to have beautiful parks to take their families to or meet friends for special occasions. Part of the enjoyment of these times is the adventure of cooking outdoors (and the delicious taste that comes with it). What do you need for this? Well, having park charcoal grills will make the park more attractive and user-friendly. RV Park Center has the park charcoal grills that you need. With quality at an economical price, these are a winner.

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Your Business

Are you looking for a creative addition to your business place to encourage community and interaction between the workers? Try adding a fire ring with grill or park charcoal grill, and planning BBQs or meetings around the fire. This will give a different work atmosphere. The fire rings and park charcoal grills from RV Park Center also make great gifts for your employees, friends or family.

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We offer discounts if you buy a large quantity! This is excellent news when you are buying to outfit parks, campgrounds, or RV parks. These high quality, economical fire rings, and grills are produced by a small family business and will be just what you need. Order in bulk and save!

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